CV Folie

2012 (5)
Kite: Blackbird by Blackbird Company / Pilots: Jeremie Maton, Lucie Dolbeck, Nicolas Lormeau, Christophe Gobin, Xavier Lecluse, Clarence Lormeau / Ballet music: The Elephant Medley from the Moulin Rouge OST

CV Folie Filles

2012 (14*)
Kite: Blackbird by Blackbird Company / Pilots: Sabrina Gruson, Fabienne Lormeau, Ludivine Maton /
Ballet music: theme from Final Fantasy

Cream Team

2012 (9)
Kite: QPro by Prism and Pro Dancer by Skyburner  / Pilots: Philippe Machuel, Vincent Bayard, Henri Dancy, Christophe Perry / Ballet music: mix (James Bond 007 by Moby, Battle Without Honor or Humanity  by Tomoyasu Hotei)


2002 (3), 2003 (3), 2004 (1),

2005 (5)
Kites: Home made kites / Pilots: Raphaël Marieux, Anne Baker, William Riviere, Stephan Radday


2006 (8)
Kite: Blackbird by Blackbird Company / Pilots: Damien Voinot, Cathy Louis, Alex Ziegler, Alex Gornet /
Ballet music: Mix from The Matrix soundtrack

2008 (2)
Kites: Pilou, self-made and STYX by Cavalier du Ciel / Pilots: Damien Voinot, Cathy Louis, Alex Ziegler, Alex Gornet / Ballet music: Mix from the Moulin Rouge OST


2002 (1), 2003 (1)
Kites: BlackBird1 by The BlackBird Company / Pilots: Yasu Numata, Cyril Holtz, Didier Lavigne,  Alexandre Goujon / Ballet music: Mix by Yasu Numata

Pilotes de Lignes

2010 (6)
Kite: Masque by l’Atelier / Pilots: Bruno Berthebaud, Philippe Fontaine, Thomas Renaud

2012 (6)
Kite: Diablos, self-made / Pilots: Bruno Berthebaud, Philippe Fontaine, Thomas Renaud

Red Bull Kiteforce

2010 (2)
Kite: BlackBird1, homemade / Pilots: Yasu Numata, Ramlal Tien, Richard Debray, Mathieu Mayet /
Ballet music: 2010 Mix by Yasu Numata

2012 (2)
Kite: self-made / Pilots: Yasu Numata, Ramlal Tien, Samuel Roddier, Mathieu Mayet /
Ballet music: 2012 Mix by Yasu Numata


2008 (7), 2010 (3)
Kite: Self-made and Fury by Carl Robertshaw / Pilots: Maxime Desavoye, Frederic Debressy, Benoit Flament

2012 (3)
Kite: Self-made and Fury by Carl Robertshaw / Pilots: Maxime Desavoye, Alexandre Ziegler, Frederic Debressy, Benoit Flament

Tame Bird

2002 (2)
Kites: Lithium by l’Atelier / Pilots: Serge Verlinde, Matthieu Viteau, Julien Sobasto /
Ballet music: theme from Tarzan OST, Disney

2003 (2), 2004 (2)
Kites: Lithium by l’Atelier / Pilots: Serge Verlinde, Sébastien Dutoit, Matthieu Viteau, Julien Sobasto

2005 (2), 2006 (2)
Kites: Transfer XT.s by l’Atelier / Pilots: Serge Verlinde, Sébastien Dutoit, Matthieu Viteau, Julien Sobasto

Les Tatoueurs du Ciel

2004 (7),

2005 (10)
Pilots: Eric Dennequin, Denis Maille, Philippe Bailleux, Jean-Charles Desquiens, Jean-Jacques Maliar

2008 (13)
Kites: Mystery / Pilots: Jean-Jacques Maliar, Denis Maille, Philippe Bailleux, Jean-Charles Desquiens

2012 (11)
Kite: Moa by Drôle d’Oiseau / Pilots:  Denis Maille, Philippe Bailleux, Jean-Charles Desquiens, Laurent Vanlemmens