WSKC Schedule

Event will be held on April 14-22, 2018.

Traditionally, the competition consists of three days, on each day each team will fly the precision and ballet disciplines.

The best two precision and best ballet scores will be summed to compute the final scores for each team.

The primary competition days are:


Friday is the reserve competition day.
The Precision disciplines will be flown in the mornings starting around 10:00. The Ballet discipline will be flown in the afternoons starting just after lunch at about 14:00.

Head judge roles rotate between the judges during the three day event.


Saturday 14 April


Sunday 15 April

Demonstrations/Parade/Opening Ceremony

Monday 16 April

09:30 General Briefing – all pilots must attend

10:30 Practice

Tue 17 / Wed 18 / Thu 19 April

09:00 Short Pilots meeting at the “Mission Control” Tent

09:15 Commencement of Figures/Technical Routines when the Judges and Field Director enter the Field

12:30 Lunch service begins

14:00 Ballets commence unless otherwise advised via the PA or on the notice board. There is no discipline briefing before the commencement of ballets.

17:00 (Thursday only) General debriefing

Fri 20 / Sat 21 / Sun 22