ISK Compulsories Book

This new edition of the International Sport Kite Compulsories Book (ISKCB) has not yet been approved by any of the sanctioning authorities.  Our aim was to publish all the new books as drafts for discussion, pending adoption. 

 There are very few changes to the text but, thanks to contributions received from competitors and officials, there are new figures in every discipline, particularly in the Multiline Individual section.  We are keen to encourage suggestions for additions to the stock of figures and, with this in mind, we’ve added a blank template at the end of the book.

 We want to allow competitors, officials and other interested partners a reasonable time to digest the proposed changes.  At the same time, we hope that sanctioning bodies will deal with this matter promptly.  We therefore suggest that the period until 28 February 2017 is a reasonable period for discussion.  Subject to agreement on adoption, we will formally publish by 01 April 2017. 

 Sanctioning Authorities currently have different dates for implementation.  We have suggested that for these editions, and in future, the implementation/adoption dates should be standardised at 01 April which, if agreed, would then bring these new editions into effect from 01 April 2017. 

 In the event that sanctioning authorities cannot agree to adopt/implement the proposed new editions, competitions during 2017 should simply continue under the existing framework.  The  next possible implementation date for rule changes would then be on or after January 2018. 

 In the meantime we hope you will like what we’ve done with the ISK Compulsories Book.  We will endeavour to deal with any feedback as we receive it.  The new figures have all been tried and tested and we hope you will enjoy flying them.   

 Lisa Willoughby (AKA), Scott Davis (AKA), Seiji Kato (AJSKA), David Morley (STACK EUROPE CONF), Naoki Tamura (AJSKA), Andrew Taylor (STACK EUROPE CONF)


ISK-Compulsories-Book-v3-2017-01-10 (final)


Please send all comments to the IRBC Committee.